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Environment Variables under Windows

My six years old laptop shows its age more and more often this semester. Today, I reinstalled the operation system (Windows 7), with the hope that it will improve the speed a little bit. Needless to say, it is a really paiful task. I think I did not format the operation system disk for about three years now. During these three years, I installed a lot of softwares and I need to reinstall most of them by hand!

List of softwares

Here is the list of the softwares I installed today:

Research relevant:

System relevent:


  • Youdao: an English dictionary
  • Google Pinyin 3.0: for its English writing assistant
  • foobar2000: music player

Most of the above softwares I can find under Ubuntu, but the Foxit pdf reader, Evernote, Everything, Youdao and Google Pinyin 3.0 were missing! They are the main reason that I am still using Windows…

Environment variables

One thing I really hate with Windows is that I need to set up environment variables by hand if I want to get them recongnized in the commend line. Here are a list of changes in environment variables I made today.

  • R: R.home('bin') then add the return C:\Program Files\R\bin.
  • Github: add C:\Users\Li\AppData\Local\GitHub\PortableGit_...\bin.
  • LaTex: no need to, already added when install.
  • Lyx: in Lyx --> Tools --> Preference --> path:
    • PATH prefix, add R: C:\Program Files\R\bin.
    • lyxServer pipe, add \\.\pipe\lyxpipe for lyz of Zotero.