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Ubuntu and Windows

Never mind, I find myself using Ubuntu only for the past couple of weeks…

After one week of trying the Ubuntu 12.04, I still have the following concerns about switching to Ubuntu, mainly about softwares I need to use.

Tools I miss under Ubuntu

  1. I desperately need a good pdf annotator! Something like Foxit Reader under Windows 7! After searching and trying, I am still out of luck. As a student, I need to read a lot of papers in pdf file type. At the same time, I definitely want to either highlight or make comments when I am reading.
  2. I also want some thing like “Everything”, which is a file search engine under Windows, in Ubuntu. Everything is so great to use: whenever I want to find a file, I just type the name of files, and then, bang, almost simultaneously I got the file list that contains the letters I just typed in.
  3. As a non-native English speaker, when I write things in English, some words I am not sure about the exact spelling. Under Windows, I can use the Google Pinyin Input. When I switch to english model by press shift key, after typing three letters, it will give me a list of English vocabularies to choose! And most of time, I can find the one I want. One side effect of this is that I probably will never remember its exact spelling. But it is so helpful! But I guess I can survive without this one.
  4. English directory.

Things I miss under Windows

  1. Of course, the shell, or commend line. The cmd in Windows is just aweful and hard to use.
  2. You can use Git in Ubuntu for every file folder you want to version control. For example, under Ubuntu, under any file folder, I can open the terminal and type git init to get the version control of this file folder. But it is not as easy as this under Windows. Though Github for Windows is easy to use.
  3. Ubuntu is much much beautiful than Windows…

Wrap up

Still cannot move to Ubuntu 100%. Any suggestions/help will be more than welcome!