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Running R on HiperGator

The problem

How can I run R on HiperGator within my terminal? The interactive RStudio server works okay, but whenever you request a longer running time or more memory, you will wait much longer in queue. I would prefer to just run R CMD BATCH within my terminal.


It is probably documented somewhere by HiperGator. I just could not find it easily.

Here are the steps I followed.

  1. Login to HiperGator terminal, install miniforge and mamba
  2. Exit terminal and login back again
  3. In terminal, run mamba create -n nameofmyenvi r-essentials r-base
    • add additional packages you want to install, e..g, r-torch
    • or install later with mamba install cuda-toolkit=11.8 pytorch
  4. mamba activate nameofmyenvi
  5. In terminal, type R and now you should be able to open R
    • If running long time jobs, use tmux with module load tmux, then tmux